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Amoxil Generic

Amoxil Generic [Amoxicillin], is an antibiotic from the Pencillin family of drugs that is used to fight bacterial infections in the body; it cannot treat viral infections. Amoxicillin thwarts the invading bacteria from multiplying in the body by preventing the formation of cell walls around them, thus making them perish. Such ailments usually present themselves in the lungs, throat, urinary tract, male and female genitalia, or skin. It is the first medicine of choice for children, especially those who suffer from ear infections. It is also used to treat patients with H.pylori infections that, if not treated, can lead to the formation of peptic ulcers.

Amoxil 250mg

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Amoxil 500mg

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Uses of Amoxil Generic :

Amoxil gets quickly absorbed in the body and brings fast relief. It is normally the drug of choice used to fight bacterial infections in the pediatric and adult population - also given to small babies - especially for ailments that manifest themselves as ear infections, bronchitis, pneumonia, sinusitis and strep throat, as well as uncomplicated gonorrhoea, infections of the skin or urinary tract. The medicine is available in many forms: tablets, capsules, pediatric drops, or powder.