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Flagyl Generic

Flagyl is an antibiotic medicine that is used in the treatment of several infections in the body, including those of the gums, skin, gut areas, pelvic cavity, brain abscesses, leg ulcers, pressure sores, osteomyelitis, and necrotizing pneumonia. Metronidazole, the medicinal compound in Generic Flagyl, belongs to an antibiotic class of drugs called nitroimidazoles. It is believed that Metronidazole effectively disables the DNA synthesis from taking place in vulnerable anaerobic bacteria [which can survive without oxygen] and protozoa [which are micro-organisms]. Its action prevents bacterial functioning and their further development.

Flagyl 200mg

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Flagyl 400mg

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Flagyl Suspension 200mg/5ml (30ml Bottle)

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Uses of Flagyl Generic :

This medicine has a wide and far-reaching effect in differing infections. It is useful in curing dental infections, ulcerative gingivitis [gum inflammation and ulcers], as well as bacteria-infected ulcers in the legs, and pressure sores. This medicine is extremely effective in preventing and treating infections following gynaecological surgery - such as puerperal fever or sepsis that can occur after childbirth - or giardiasis, which is a gut infection. Generic Flagyl is equally effective in treating septicemia [blood poisoning], brain or pelvic abscesses, peritonitis [an abdominal infection], necrotizing pneumonia, osteomyelitis [an infection in the bones], bacterial vaginosis [vaginal infection caused by bacteria], uro-genital trichomoniasis [a sexually transmitted disease], and amoebic dysentery [a protozoal infection]. This is an oral medication. In grave conditions however, Metronidazole is administered intravenously initially, and may be followed by the oral treatment if the doctor considers it fit.