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Protelos Generic

Protelos, with the active ingredient strontium renalate, is used to cure the disease of osteoporosis, also known as the ‘silent epidemic’. This medication is known to strengthen bones in women who suffer with postmenopausal osteoporosis. Generic Protelos increases the bone mineral density in post-menopausal women and retards the natural process of bone break down. It also prevents the loss of calcium, thus ensuring that the probabilities of hip and spinal fractures in such women are significantly lowered. If people are suspected to have calcium and Vitamin D deficiencies that have been worsened due to their improper dietary intake, they may be asked to buy Protelos and take it as a supplement. While it is one of the best osteoporosis medicines available today, you are urged not to buy Protelos online or otherwise, without a consultation with your doctor. You can purchase Protelos from a pharmacy near you, once you have been asked to take it. It may be cheaper to buy strontium renalate online, but make sure that you make the purchased from a genuine online pharmacy.

Strontium ranelate 2g Sachet

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Uses of Protelos Generic :

Protelos is used in the treatment of postmenopausal osteoarthritis. When women enter their menopause phase, the estrogen levels in their body go down. This causes an increase in the bone breakdown mechanism in their bodies, which in turn leads to bone density loss. The first 10 years after menopause see more rapid bone degeneration, resulting in the condition called osteoporosis. The brittle and fragile bones are then susceptible to fractures. Protelos slows such degeneration and prevents hip and spine fractures by preventing the calcium erosion. Strontium ranelate also aids in the formation of new bones that are strong and less likely to break easily. You can purchase Protelos in sachets that need to be taken after dissolving the yellow granules in water.