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Physicians suggest users to buy generic Glyco A cream (Glycolic Acid) as an excellent medication in various acne and anti-ageing (anti-wrinkle) treatments. It is a hygroscopic small molecule hydroxyacetic acid that does not emit any odor. It is also colorless, making it difficult for others to detect that the users have applied it. Hence users prefer to purchase Glyco cream not just because it is very effective against acne and is great at revitalizing the skin, but they also order Glyco A cream as it can be used in a very discreet manner. Glycolic acid is a water retaining substance which when used on skin, lowers the thickness of hyperkeratotic stratum corneum (horn like, tough formations on outermost layer of skin, that fall of to reveal raw skin and are then covered with scales.) This reduces the amount of wrinkle formations, enhances skin appearance to make the user look younger and repairs sunlight damaged skin. Users can order Glyco A cream online right now.

Glycolic Acid Cream (6% - 30 gm Tube)

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Glycolic Acid Cream (12% - 30 gm Tube)

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Uses of Glyco-A :

Patients are suggested the use of Glyco A for various cosmetic and beauty related skin conditions. Light use reduces wrinkles, improves age beauty and repairs light-damaged skin. It doesn`t allow increase in thickness of the skin’s outermost layer, thus making it relevant in the treatment of hyperkeratinization (hair follicle problem on skin). Users popularly purchase Glyco A for beauty applications such as Xerosis (dry skin), Ichthyosis, Verrucae, Keratosis, acne, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, rough & dull skin and lack of suppleness in skin due to various causes including, hormonal, physiological or environmental factors or even those caused by the sun.