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The anti-viral drug, Tamiflu, is used to control influenza, in adults and children who are above 1 year. It is made up of Oseltamivir that prevents influenza from spreading in the body. The Influenza viruses A, B and C are similarly structured. Hemagglutinin and Neuraminidase are large glycoproteins on the outer side of the viral particles. Tamiflu generic is effective against Influenza A and B, and functions as an inhibitor of the neuraminidase protein; it works on the infected cells, preventing the virus from growing and spreading further. The H1N1 virus - responsible for the flu pandemic in 2009 - was an Influenza Virus A, which is associated with causing the most severe kind of influenza. Spread by wild aquatic birds, it is conveyed to other animals, domestic poultry, and human beings. Influenza B is less common than Influenza A, and affects human beings much more than other species. Some immunity to Influenza B is acquired at an early age.

Antiflu (Generic Tamiflu)

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Uses of Tamiflu :

Oseltamivir, an anti-viral, possesses properties that enable it to control the spread of different strains of viruses in our body. People who develop high fever, headaches, feel extremely tired, have body aches, watery eyes, a cough, or sore throat maybe combined with nasal congestion, can all be treated with Tamiflu in the influenza season. In children, even diarrhea may be present.