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Quinine Sulphate Generic

Quinine Sulphate is an effective anti-malarial medication that is prescribed for treating malaria. Malaria is a fatal disease caused due to various types of single-celled (protozoan) parasites called Plasmodium. These parasites are carried by mosquitoes and enter the bloodstream during a bite from an infected mosquito.

After entering the bloodstream, these parasites travel to the liver and multiply. They are then released back into the blood where they invade red blood cells and multiply again. Generic Quinine Sulphate works by attacking these parasites after they have entered the red blood cells. It kills the parasites and prevents them from multiplying further. 

Quinine Sulphate 300mg Tablets

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Uses of Quinine Sulphate Generic :

Physicians prescribe generic Quinine Sulphate to treat falciparum malaria caused by a type of parasite known as Plasmodium falciparum. The drug is also used to treat malaria in which the type of infecting organism is not known or perhaps caused by mixed types of Plasmodium. However, it does not prove helpful in preventing malaria. Sometimes, Quinine is also used to treat recurrent night-time leg cramps in people with diabetes, arthritis, or varicose veins.

Users can buy Quinine Sulphate in the form of tablets with the strength of 300 mg. You can either purchase Quinine Sulphate from the local pharmacy or order it online. A lot of users prefer to buy generic Quinine Sulphate online due to the discounted rates. Also, there are a number of online pharmacies that allow patients to order medication without a prescription.