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Depakote Generic

This medicine is also known by the names Divalproex sodium and Valproate sodium. Consult a doctor for the use of this medication in children. This medication may cause serious/life threatening damage to the liver/pancreas, especially in children who are less than 2 years old or patients already suffering from mental retardation, patients already taking more than one medication for seizure disorders, inherited diseases that prevent changing of food to energy in the body. This medication can cause birth defects, if you are pregnant, trying to conceive or breast feeding inform your doctor. If you experience Nausea, Stomach Pain, Appetite Loss, Vomiting, contact your doctor immediately.

Depakote 125 mg (Extended Release)

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Depakote 250 mg (Delayed Release - Enteric Coated)

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Depakote 500 mg (Delayed Release - Enteric Coated)

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Depakote 250 mg (Extended Release)

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Depakote 500 mg (Extended Release)

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Depakote 750 mg (Extended Release)

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Depakote 1000 mg (Extended Release)

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Uses of Depakote Generic :

Depakote, an anti convulsant, is used to treat certain seizures caused by epilepsy and also to treat mania in people suffering from Bipolar Disorder.