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Eurax Cream Generic

Generic Eurax Cream is an antipruritic, scabicide medication, but how this particular medication actually works is still quite a mystery.

Eurax Cream Uses

Patients apply this Crotamiton cream to treat themselves for scabies as well as get rid of itching sensations that are extreme and intolerable.

Eurax Cream 10% - 20gm Tube

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Uses of Eurax Cream Generic :

It is a must for patients to be aware, before they buy Eurax Cream, of exactly how this particular medicated cream should be applied. However, what purpose this medicated cream is being applied for will determine the application procedure. By following the healthcare professional’s instructions properly, you can determine the best way to apply this cream. Application procedure while treating scabies
    • Before application of this medicated cream, one must wash their hands with soap and water and also make certain that the place of application is clean and dry.
    • Apply enough cream to cover the body below the chin. Do not leave out the folds in the skin. This medicated cream must be applied in tiny crevices too. Some examples of such crevices and folds are the groin area, the underarms and even in between the toes and fingers.
    • Leaving a time gap of 24 hours, this medicated cream should be first rubbed and then massaged into the body properly. However, only if your healthcare professional has advised must this medication be applied a second time. You may have a bath after 48 hours after the second application has been applied.
    • Bed linen and clothing should be changed regularly. To remove the greasy effect of the medication from your clothes, bed spread, etc soak them first and then wash them in hot water.
Application procedure while treating severe itching sensations
  • Very gently apply this medicated Crotamiton cream to the affected areas of the skin only. Once the application process is complete; make certain that your skin has absorbed the cream properly.
  • Make sure that you wash your hands with soap and water after you have finished applying the medication. However, do not do so if your hands are affected too.