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Biltricide Generic

Biltricide [Generic] is used for treating parasitic infections like Schistosoma, Clonorchiasis, or Opisthorchiasis. It is an oral medicine. The active ingredient in this medicine, Praziquantel, is an anthelmintic - a drug that is used to kill and dispel worms that enter through the skin when people swim or work in infected waters, or eat fish that has been poorly cooked and carries these worms. The medicine causes spasms in the helmintics [worms], paralyzing them, and causing them to perish slowly. However, it is more effective against the adult flukes, than the younger schistosomes. Even when the worms don`t die, they get immobilized by the effect of the medicine, and are expelled from the body along-with the waste matter.

Biltricide 600mg

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Uses of Biltricide Generic :

The medicine gives relief from infections caused by flukes, or schistosomes, such as:- Schistosoma, also called Bilharzia, which occurs when people get infected by the schistosoma eggs when they bathe, swim, wash clothes, practice irrigation or fish in waters that are contaminated with the schistosoma trematodes. Clonorchiasis, or Chinese liver fluke disease, is an infection that is caused due to intake of freshwater fish - which may be raw, smoked, salted, or dried - that contains the fluke larvae. Opisthorchiasis, also known as the Siberian fluke disease or Cat liver fluke disease, occurs when people consume raw, pickled or poorly cooked fish, which contains the fluke larvae. If these infections are not treated in time, the infection can become chronic and have a serious impact on other organs in the body.