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Vytorin Generic

This medicine is used for the management of the cholesterol levels in the body. Ezetimibe is a lipid-lowering compound that inhibits absorption of cholesterol at the border of the small intestine, reducing hepatic cholesterol and clearing it. Simvastatin is a statin that blocks the HMG-CoA enzyme in the liver, preventing cholesterol synthesis from occurring. It also leads to an increased expulsion of low-density lipoprotein - LDL [ bad@ cholesterol], reduces triglycerides [a kind of fat in the blood/fat tissue], and raises the production of high-density lipoprotein - HDL [ good@ cholesterol]. Vytorin lessens the chances of heart attack, stroke and circulatory problems that are caused by imbalance of cholesterol.

Vytorin 10mg + 10mg

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Vytorin 10-20 mg

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Uses of Vytorin Generic :

The combined strength of Ezitimibe and Simvastatin lowers the risk in individuals of contracting heart disease, stroke and circulatory problems. This medication is given to adults and children who are above 10.