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Artane Generic

Artane is a synthetic, antispasmodic medication. Antispasmodic drugs are known to relieve, prevent or lower the occurrence of muscle spasms, particularly of smooth muscles like those found in the bowel walls. Trihexyphenidyl belongs to the class of anticholinergic medicines and works by blocking a natural substance known as Acetylcholine.

Artane 2 mg

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Uses of Artane Generic :

Doctors often prescribe generic Artane as it helps in decreasing the occurrence of muscle spasms in the back and neck region. It helps in treating muscle stiffness, tremors and poor muscle control caused in Parkinson’s disease. Patients can purchase Artane, which is available in the form of tablets with strength of 2mg, to treat this condition.

Users can also order Artane online from a reputed, online pharmacy. Though there are several online pharmacies that allow patients to buy no prescription Artane, it is necessary to first discuss its uses and potential side effects with the healthcare professional.