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Diovan Generic

This belongs to a class of drugs known as the Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers [ARBs], and is used to treat hypertension and heart failure. Valsartan acts on a chemical known as angiotensin II [AT2] that leads to narrowing of the blood vessels. Valsartan prevents the constriction of the blood vessels, which leads to easier flow of blood and oxygen to the body. This lowers high blood pressure, and eases the burden on the heart, enabling it to function smoothly.

Diovan 40mg

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Diovan 80mg

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Diovan 160mg

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Uses of Diovan Generic :

Valsartan is prescribed for treating hypertension, and congestive heart failure [when the heart muscles weaken and cannot function normally due to some underlying cause]. This medicine is also administered after a heart attack to reduce the risk of death. It is not meant for children below 6 years [who can be treated with this for hypertension], or those who have severe kidney problems.