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Haridra-Allergy Care

Curcuma longa is a rhizomatus, perennial herb with tufted leaves. Its rhizome contains Curcumin. The antioxidant properties of the powder are probably due to the phenolic character of Curcumin. It also has anti-inflammatory and cytotoxic activity.


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Uses of Haridra-Allergy Care :

It reduces cholesterol levels and helps control blood sugar. Haridra is used for infections, dysentery, arthritis, and jaundice. It can also be used to treat liver and gallbladder problems, stop bleeding, treat chest congestion and menstrual discomforts. It is used as a blood purifier It is beneficial to the common cold Helps maintain healthy skin In large doses, however, it appears to act as an antispasmodic inhibiting excessive peristaltic movements of the intestines.