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Bilva-Intestinal Comfort

Aegle marmelos fruit is used in diarrhea, dysentery and cholera because of its digestive and carminative properties. The herb has anti-spasmodic, anthelmintic properties that ensures optimum gut functioning.


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Uses of Bilva-Intestinal Comfort :

It helps in the healing of ulcerated intestinal surfaces. It possesses antiviral, anthelmintic and anti-inflammatory properties and has appreciable activity against Vibrio cholera and Salmonella. The different parts of the plant and its extracts possess a number of pharmacological properties. It is used as a carminative, laxative, astringent, digestive, stomachic, in diarrhea, intermittent fever, snake bite and fish poisoning, as an anthelmintic, hypoglycemic, antibacterial, cardiac stimulant and antiviral. The most significant pharmacological effects of the plant are anthelmintic, hypoglycemic, antidiarrheal and antiviral. Marmelosin, isolated from the fruits, exhibited anthelmintic properties against hookworm (Nippostrongylus muris) infection on animals. Marmelosin was further tested on experimentally ankylostoma-infected rats and was found to possess significant anti-hookworm property.